🔑Lynex Keys

Unlock the Gateway to the Ecosystem

The "Lynex Keys" are a unique feature of the Lynex ecosystem, introduced as a part of the Phase 3 pre-mining initiative. These Keys are essentially Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that not only serve as a reward system for pre-miners but also unlock future benefits and integrations within the Lynex platform. Here's a detailed explanation of the Lynex Keys and their initial implementation:

Tiered System:

The Lynex Keys are structured into different tiers, each associated with specific staking requirements and rewards:

  • Bronze Key: The entry-level tier requires a minimum of $100 staked for 40 days. It offers basic oToken rewards and a Bronze Discord role.

  • Silver Key: Aimed at more committed stakers, this tier requires at least $500 staked for 50 days. It offers higher oToken rewards than Bronze, along with a Silver Discord role.

  • Gold Key: For significant contributors, this level requires a minimum of $1,000 staked for 50 days. It provides substantial oToken rewards and a Gold Discord role.

  • Platinum Key: Targeting top-tier investors, with at least $5,000 staked for 60 days. This tier features premium oToken rewards and a Platinum Discord role.

  • Legendary Key: The highest tier for the most dedicated stakers, requiring at least $10,000 staked for 60 days. It yields the highest oToken rewards and a Legendary Discord role.

Pre-Mining Phase 3: Reward Allocation

A total of 1,000,000 oLYNX tokens are allocated for distribution among the different key ranks. The allocation is distributed as follows:

  • Bronze: 50,000 oLYNX

  • Silver: 100,000 oLYNX

  • Gold: 150,000 oLYNX

  • Platinum: 250,000 oLYNX

  • Legendary: 450,000 oLYNX

Each higher tier receives a greater portion of the allocated oLYNX, with the higher tiers generally having fewer members, which adds to the exclusivity and value of the rewards.

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