While partner projects commonly serve as the entities providing bribes, it is not limited to them alone. Any user has the freedom to create bribes, incentivizing voting for any pair with an active gauge. In fact, Lynex goes a step further by utilizing a portion of their earned LYNX tokens each week to bribe specific pools. This approach encourages active participation and fosters a vibrant ecosystem driven by diverse incentives.


When an epoch flips, all owed bribes to voters become instantly claimable. Claiming your rewards is a straightforward process. Just visit the Rewards page, select the corresponding NFT that participated in voting, and the bribes will be readily available for claim.

Auto Bribe

To streamline the bribing process for projects, we offer the option to create autoBribe contracts. These contracts allow projects to conveniently fill them with various bribe tokens of different quantities and specify the duration over which these bribes will be distributed.

By utilizing autoBribe contracts, projects can enjoy a temporary "set and forget" system for their bribing needs. This automated solution simplifies the process and provides ease of management, allowing projects to focus on other important aspects of their operations.

Distributing Auto Bribes

In the blockchain world, any chain-to-chain transaction requires gas expenditure and explicit transaction calls. Automatic changes are not inherent. Typically, these requirements are managed by bots, also known as keepers, which have the necessary gas funds to execute functions for projects at predefined intervals.

However, at Lynex, we've taken a different approach with our autoBribe contracts, putting the power in the hands of the community. On the Bribe page, you'll find a series of buttons that activate on a weekly basis. These buttons allow the community to call and send project bribes. Each button can only be activated once, ensuring fair distribution.

As a token of gratitude for their contribution, individuals who successfully call these functions will receive a gift. Specifically, 0.5% of the bribe amount will be rewarded to the caller.

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