🌠Initial Epoch Roadmap

Getting to Full Functionality

The Lynex Genesis Epoch marked the introduction of the advanced ve(3,3) mechanics on the Linea blockchain, transitioning Lynex into its full functionality over the initial epochs. By Epoch 2, the platform activated its complete set of features, including bribing, voting, and claiming capabilities.

This phased rollout was designed to familiarize both veteran users and newcomers, attracted through various public sales and marketing efforts, with Lynex's functionalities. The focus of Epoch 0 was on community education, preparing users to fully engage with the rewards system offered by Lynex.

Simultaneously, strategic partnerships were secured to enhance liquidity and support the ecosystem's growth. The initial weeks saw these partnerships come to fruition, expanding Lynex's capabilities.

Epoch 0 (15th — 22nd February) served as the genesis period, featuring:

  • Opening of the claim portal for IDO participants.

  • Addition of the $LYNX/$USDC liquidity pool.

  • Suspension of veLYNX voting, with trading fees set to accumulate as rewards for Epoch 1.

  • Distribution of protocol airdrops, without oLYNX emissions.

Epoch 1 (22nd — 29th February) saw further development:

  • Initiation of oLYNX emissions for liquidity providers.

  • Introduction of bribes from partners.

  • Activation of veLYNX voting and community airdrops.

Epoch 2 (29th — 07th March) achieved full operational capacity:

  • veLYNX voters began claiming rewards from Epoch 1, including trading fees and bribes.

  • Establishment of a consistent epoch cycle for maximizing rewards through strategic pool selection.

Lynex continued to enhance its mechanics and partnerships, committed to driving growth and leveraging the collaborative strength of its ecosystem, embarking on a transformative DeFi journey on Linea.

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