Community Airdrop

The Great Onboarding to Linea

Airdrop for Users

10% of the initial supply earmarked for distribution will be allocated to holders of existing ve-like protocols. Additionally, those who have actively engaged with the Lynex community and participated in our marketing campaigns will also be part of this exciting distribution. Our selection criteria for users have been chosen based on behaviors that promote the long-term stability of said protocols, such as: locking, staking, holding, participating in governance, and value of tokens held.

The airdrop will be structured as follows:

  • 10% unlocked LYNX tokens

  • 30% veLYNX locked for 6 months

  • 30% veLYNX locked for 12 months

  • 30% veLYNX locked for 24 months

Confirmed Communities to Receive airdrop

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