Protocol Airdrop

The Great Onboarding to Linea

The protocol and community airdrop marks a monumental leap for Lynex. This pivotal event is set to catalyze the influx of substantial TVL and governance wars as we embark on a journey to onboard new partners into the Linea Ecosystem. Simultaneously, we'll be enticing certain communities to become part of the Lynex family.

veLYNX Protocol Airdrop

A significant 15% of our initial supply has been exclusively allocated for protocol airdrop that exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for engaging with our robust liquidity layer. Our selection criteria encompass crucial factors such as TVL, trade volumes, prospects of future collaboration, and the quality of the product. In addition, we're steadfast in achieving equilibrium between Linea-based protocols and projects hailing from other blockchain networks.

Protocols are encouraged to take part in a virtuous cycle by reinvesting their earned emissions into incentives for their gauges, thereby attracting more liquidity. This strategy contributes to a self-sustaining ecosystem.

  • Tokens veLYNX locked for 24 months

Confirmed Protocols to Receive Airdrop

The list of protocols eligible for the airdrop will be updated and finalized soon.

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