Limit Orders

A limit order is a traditional finance (CeFi) mechanism allowing users to set a specific price for buying or selling assets, offering control over the execution price rather than settling for the market price at the moment of trade. While this guarantees the price, execution depends on market prices reaching the user's set level.

Lynex introduces dLIMIT, a protocol developed in partnership with Orbs Network, adapting limit orders for decentralized finance (DeFi) with enhanced efficiency and reliability. This protocol facilitates the creation of decentralized limit orders, ensuring trades are executed at the user's specified price, addressing the usual hurdles of decentralized limit order execution.

dLIMIT ensures that users in DEX environments can execute their trades at precise prices, benefiting from fair fees and the reliability of a decentralized setup, streamlining the process of setting and fulfilling limit orders in the DeFi space.

For a more in-depth exploration of these mechanics, we encourage you to visit the Orbs Network website and delve into their comprehensive documentation.

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