Vote for Liquidity

Have Control over you voting power

The "Vote for Liquidity" feature enables veLYNX holders to directly influence the distribution of emission rewards among various liquidity pools. This empowers token holders to guide the platform's growth by supporting pools they deem worthy, thus directly impacting Lynex's liquidity dynamics. It offers the dual advantage of shaping the platform’s direction and earning from the trading fees of supported pools, fostering active governance engagement and aligning liquidity providers' interests with Lynex’s success.

Gauges in Lynex serve as a mechanism to capture $veLYNX holders' votes, directing emissions and rewards to chosen liquidity pools, ensuring a fair distribution of rewards and encouraging active participation.

Activation of gauges necessitates token whitelisting, enabling partners to secure gauges for their ecosystem tokens following thorough evaluation. The Lynex team may also establish gauges for key tokens like wETH and wBTC, enhancing the platform’s functionality and appeal.

Enhancing Efficiency with Gauges

Lynex has introduced three major improvements to overcome inefficiencies observed in Solidly’s gauge system and cultivate a more effective DeFi ecosystem:

  • Token Whitelisting: Tokens must satisfy certain conditions, such as a minimum TVL of $10,000, to be eligible for gauges, ensuring the pools’ stability and value. Exceptions can be considered case by case.

  • Emergency Council: Initially comprising Lynex core team members and eventually expanding to include community members, advisors, and DeFi experts, this council actively manages gauges with the authority to remove unproductive ones, adjust LYNX emissions, and modify multisig addresses as necessary.

  • Enhanced Governance: The Council’s actions aim to ensure gauges positively affect the ecosystem's objectives and partnerships, with measures against non-compliant gauges.

These efforts underscore Lynex's commitment to a transparent, community-led, and equitable DeFi space, steering towards a more productive and just financial ecosystem.

Partner Integration Strategy

In our Genesis phase, integrating partners into the Lynex ecosystem has been a priority, including allocating a portion of veLYNX that's permanently locked for partner protocols. The distribution among potential partners will focus on shared objectives and commitments.

Future partner considerations may involve:

  • Supporting essential gauges with incentives.

  • Token swaps to strengthen collaborations.

  • Collaborative integration projects for seamless interoperability.

  • Joint marketing initiatives to enhance visibility and growth.

These criteria are tailored during negotiations to align with shared goals, maximizing benefits for all stakeholders. Our aim is to nurture a strong, thriving ecosystem collaboratively.

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