Vote for a Manager

Our 'Delegate to Manager' feature is a key enhancement enabled by our revised vote escrow mechanics. This improvement permits veLYNX holders to delegate their voting power to a manager, who is then empowered to strategize and vote on their behalf. This system is especially advantageous for individuals seeking a โ€˜set-and-forgetโ€™ approach to weekly voting, allowing them to remain engaged and benefit from rewards distributed through weekly gauges. The system offers

  • Simplicity and Efficiency: This innovative feature removes the hassle of weekly vote planning and execution, saving on gas fees and streamlining the governance process for our users.

  • Strategic Voting with Professional Oversight: Delegating to a manager allows veLYNX holders to leverage expert strategies for their voting power, ensuring their contribution is impactful and aligned with their investment goals.

  • Flexible and User-centric Approach: Users can select from a curated list of managers, each offering unique strategies for optimizing returns. This choice empowers users to align their voting power with their preferences, all without any associated fees.

Our initial lineup of vote managers, including Gamma, ICHI, and Lynexโ€™s own team, introduces a dynamic new element to DeFi voting. As we expand our roster of managers, we anticipate creating a competitive environment where managers strive to offer the most effective strategies to attract and retain delegators. This competition is expected to drive higher performance and efficiency across the board, benefiting Lynex and its community by fostering a more engaging, rewarding, and democratically governed ecosystem.

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