The power in veLYNX

Locking plays a pivotal role in the Lynex ecosystem, representing the most significant action users can take to strengthen their position and demonstrate their support. Users are encouraged to lock their LYNX tokens into veLYNX for a duration of their choosing. Importantly, the length of the lock directly correlates with increased voting power in veLYNX, empowering users with greater influence over the ecosystem's direction.

veLYNX Management

Central to the Lynex model is the management of your veLYNX (veNFT) holdings. For both users and protocols, regular visits to the vesting page are essential to adjust ve lock durations, merge, or establish new veLYNX positions. The vesting page offers several key functions:

  • Create Lock

  • Manage Lock

  • Increase Lock Amount

  • Extend Lock Duration

  • Merge veLYNX Positions

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