Within the Lynex ecosystem, every token is derived from LYNX, aimed at promoting sustainability. Each token is designed for distinct roles, crucial to reinforcing the framework's sustainability of the protocol.

  1. $LYNX: This is the primary ERC-20 utility token of Lynex, foundational to the platform. It supports liquidity and improves trading conditions. Holding $LYNX can be converted into veLYNX, offering further participation and influence in Lynex.

  2. $veLYNX: Obtained by locking $LYNX, this ERC-721 (NFT) governance token enhances your voting power the longer it is locked. Holders can earn from weekly distributions, which include trading fees and other incentives.

  3. $oLYNX: An emissions token that offers strategic benefits, such as redeeming LYNX at a discount, converting to veLYNX on a 1:1 basis, or exchanging for LYNX/ETH LP tokens with various lock periods. It aims to address token devaluation and align stakeholder incentives.

  4. $bveLYNX: A non-liquid token rewarding active voters in the ecosystem, redeemable for veLYNX at a full discount, encouraging participation in governance.

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