💰Protocol Revenue

At Lynex, we prioritize sustaining project costs and ensuring a robust revenue stream for our DAO and community. This commitment allows us to foster continuous growth and support our vibrant ecosystem. We also use our voting power on core LYNX pools to collect bribes and enhance protocol liquidity. Moreover, a portion of emissions is allocated to the treasury for operational needs. This approach helps us maintain long-term viability and prosperity.

Swap Fees

The DAO Treasury holds veLYNX tokens to optimize liquidity and collect swap fees. These fees are used for various operational activities, such as LYNX token buybacks and burns, bribing core pools, and funding development efforts. This strategic allocation ensures the efficient use of resources to enhance our ecosystem.

Emissions and Treasury Allocation

A 4% portion of the emissions is allocated to the treasury. The LYNX tokens in the treasury are used at the team's discretion to support various initiatives, including incentivizing core pools, funding developments, and marketing. The team has the flexibility to allocate these tokens strategically for the benefit of the project and its ecosystem.


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