Lock your $LYNX for Voting Power

Lynex has introduced several innovative modifications to our voting mechanics, recognizing opportunities for enhancement beyond the current market standard. These adjustments particularly facilitate one of our key features: delegating your voting power to a manager. This allows for a 'set-and-forget' experience, enabling users to adopt a more relaxed approach to participation.

We've entirely revamped our voting escrow contracts to implement an account-based voting system, distinguishing us from the prevalent veNFT-based voting systems in the market. Users now have two main options: directly voting for specific liquidity pools to claim associated rewards or delegating their voting power to a manager. Each option offers unique advantages and conveniences.

Voting APR

On our website/UI, you will find a column showcasing the voting Annual Percentage Rate (APR). This metric is calculated using the following formula:

Voting APR = (TVB / TV) * Weeks / LYNX Price * 100%


  • Weeks = Approximately 52.179 (the number of weeks in one year)

  • TVB = Total Value of Bribes in USD

  • TV = Total Number of Votes

The voting APR provides insights into the engagement level within the ecosystem. It takes into account the total value of bribes, the duration in weeks, and the current LYNX token price.

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