⛓️DEX Functionalities

Lynex delivers an expansive selection of DEX functionalities tailored to meet the needs of our diverse user base. Our offerings extend from fundamental token swapping to a variety of advanced trading options, designed to enrich the trading experience and increase user engagement with the platform. Our key features include:

  • Token Swapping: Easy and efficient exchange of different cryptocurrencies.

  • Providing Liquidity: Users can contribute to liquidity pools to facilitate trading and earn rewards.

  • Locking LYNX into veLYNX: Enhance your influence within the platform by locking LYNX tokens, which grants veLYNX with extended capabilities.

  • Voting for Rewards: Participate in governance decisions and vote on crucial proposals to shape the platform's future.

  • Bribing: Leverage your voting power to earn additional incentives.

  • Rebases: Benefit from automatic adjustments to the supply of tokens to maintain price stability and encourage investment.

Further elevating our platform's utility, the LYNX locking feature unlocks additional functionalities, notably the ability to vote to earn bribes and accumulate trading fees. This multifaceted approach offers numerous advantages to Lynex users, significantly enhancing their trading strategies and involvement in the ecosystem's growth.

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