Lynex DEX offers a diverse range of swapping features, each with its unique characteristics and advantages.

Legacy (V1) Swap

Our V1 Swap adopts the UniV2 pool-style, offering a traditional DEX experience. It is permissionless, supports stableswaps, and simplifies the process of adding and using tokens.

Concentrated Liqudity (FUSION) Swap

Fusion leverages our concentrated liquidity model to enhance liquidity utilization and provide traders with improved price efficiency. For more details on concentrated liquidity, please refer to our CL page.

Best Swap

The 'Best Swap' feature, offered by our partner OpenOcean, identifies the most efficient route for exchanges, utilizing both our V1 and FUSION pathways. It may, at times, employ a combination of both V1 and FUSION routes to optimize user swaps.

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