Early Supporter

The Lynex Early Supporters campaign, which took place from Saturday, July 22nd, to Monday, September 4th (TGE), was a resounding success. We extend our gratitude to all participants who made this event truly remarkable.

Participant Engagement

Our community, joined through the Zealy platform, demonstrated immense enthusiasm. Participants engaged in a variety of quests, earning XP points and claiming rewards along the way. The diverse range of quests, from social media interactions to creating content, provided a dynamic experience for all involved

Prizes and Winners

The commitment and dedication of participants were evident in the competitive spirit on the Lynex Zealy Community leaderboard. We proudly distributed prizes across five tiers, totaling up to 200 winners. The distribution included cash prizes in Lynex claim tokens, offering a unique value proposition for our supporters.

Special Roles and Recognition

Participants not only competed for prizes but also earned special roles based on XP milestones. These roles, showcased on our Discord server, allowed individuals to proudly display their achievements and contributions during the campaign.


Lynx Claim tokens are purposefully crafted as rewards for our pre-TGE marketing campaigns. These tokens hold value and can be redeemed for both $oLYNX and $veLYNX at the Token Generation Event (TGE).

The redemption is straightforward:

  • 50% in $oLYNX

  • 50% in $veLYNX

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